Lyrics Inbox: Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

LyricsInbox is dedicated in protecting the privacy of users of our applications and websites as we believe customer privacy must be confidential at all times. The privacy statement below sets out how LyricsInbox accumulates and uses information collected from LyricsInbox users. At LyricsInbox, we value our users and their privacy. We safeguard our user’s information with delicate care and pride ourselves in taking adequate steps to ensure information is kept private at all times. We will not disclose any information without permission unless information is required by court or another jurisdiction.

By using our services, you understand and comply to the terms of the privacy policy and you consent to the collection and use of your personal data. If you do not agree to the privacy policy, do not use or access our services. We may update this policy and it is important you review the policy periodically.

  1. Gathering information and use

Providing personal data allows an individual to contact you using the information give, for an example, your name, address, contact number or email address as well as other information that is linked to any of the preceding data. LyricsInbox can collect personal data information through the registration process where you are required to provide personal data including your name and email address. LyricsInbox can use these details to send you information about the service, provide customer support or inform you of any additional products and services LyricsInbox has to offer. If you do not wish to receive notifications from LyricsInbox, you can do so by unsubscribing on your account settings. Information can also be provided through online registration forms and optional user feedback forms. As well as basic information, you can also provide LyricsInbox with additional information such as a picture or an overview of yourself and this information will be available to all LyricsInbox users.

Third party social accounts

You may also sign into LyricsInbox using a third party social network such as Facebook. This information will mainly be used for user registration and develop your social experience whilst using our services. We will collect any information you have given consent to make available and this can include your name, your profile picture and your list of friends. If you agree to make your list of friends available to LyricsInbox, these friends are able to view your content on LyricsInbox and can follow you for further updates. However, if you wish to unfollow any user at any time, this is acceptable.

Public Information

When connection with LyricsInbox, most of the information that you have provided will be public. This will include information such as the list of friends, the songs that you upload and songs that you mark as favourites and commented uploaded by you or other users on your account. When you disclose personal information, you should carefully consider what you are making available to public.


We may conduct surveys and questionnaires and this is solely voluntarily. If you accept to participate, personal information such as names, email address and location may be requested. This information will be used to understand our users and their use of the service in order to improve and enhance our services accordingly to match user requirements.

Information received from your use of the service

When our services are used by users, we routinely collect data such as IP address, your service activity, and the location and browser type. The information collected helps us at LyricsInbox to identify how users use our services. When sending out emails to our users, we can also determine how many emails have been opened and identify the different links that have accessed by users.


We also use cookies within our service that identifies users and their preferences so we can direct and deliver advertising content that best fits user interests. These cookies are unable to read any other data on your hard drive. In many circumstances, users are requested to accept cookies unless this has been reconfigured to refuse. If cookies are declined, you will not be able to view specific content. Other advertisers or other partners can promote their adverts within our service and they also may use cookies or other technologies

Google Analytics

By using this, we are able to determine and track the demographics of where our services are being accessed, how often users visit our site and which links are clicked when visiting the website. Moreover, we can also identify which sites were used prior coming to our site. You can disable this function with the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.

  1. Disclosure of information

If required by law

We will not disclose any information in any circumstance except when requested by a trusted affiliate to process an action by the client or court order.

Public Information

However, we may disclose information only with your consent.

Information on your account is available to the public and can easily be accessible by all users. You can change your privacy settings on your account settings.

Advertisers and other third parties

We may provide information on our user base to external parties such as marketing agencies and business partners, however will not provide any specific information to identify a user. Information such as geographical location, unique device ID and cookie data may be provided in order to produce reports as this will allow advertisers and other third parties to provide and target the best information suited. Please note, when you use our site and click on another site directing you to another link, we have no control and cannot be responsible for privacy policies on other websites. Please review all privacy policies before you use such websites.

Service providers

We may provide information to service providers in regards to services for LyricsInbox. The information shared will only be the information that they require to perform their duties.

Safety and security

We may disclose personal information if we believe that it is mandatory to protect another individual, to determine fraud, security or other issues including technical to provide the rights or potential violation of the law for LyricsInbox. Our website has incorporated safety measures in order to protect loss, misuse and modification of personal data. However, no method of electronic storage is 100% secure. We will use adequate efforts to ensure your personal information is not at risk; however we cannot guarantee its security.

Change of Control

We may disclose some or all of your personal information when a change of control occurs. This can include financing, merger, and a transaction involving a sale or even in the event of bankruptcy as information can be transferred as a business asset. If an acquisition occurs, the company will possess all rights to have the personal data collected by us.